How do I redeem my Darna points?

Redeeming points is as easy as earning them! Here's how to do it.

Redeeming points in the app

 After activating your “Wallet” in Darna app, you can select redeeming your points against Aldar Gift Card, Home maintenance discount vouchers, cashout to your link card(s), transfer to friend/family, donating to a charity and contributing to mangrove planting in UAE.

Note: “Cash out” option is only applicable on Visa cards only with a maximum amount of AED 2,000 daily

Redeeming points in LIVING (leasing & Khidmah home services only) and EDUCATION

To spend your points at Provis, Khidmah, or Aldar Academies you'll just need to:

1)      Open the App

2)      Select the category you want to spend at

3)      Add the value in AED you wish to spend

4)      Ask the cashier to enter their secret pin or call the respective call centre, and they'll complete the transaction over the phone for you

You'll then get a success screen showing how much you've redeemed in AED. The cashier will reduce your invoice by that amount.